Sunday, June 05, 2016

Slogging not lounging

Lorraine woke up with a mission: sun loungers, for it was another blazing day. A large breakfast, and fond farewells with Sue and John, off to see John's daughter. I'd enjoyed having them to stay. Lorraine and Beth then went off to buy sun loungers, while I  had to do some work for my French clients, and also arranging  Telltale Reading, which took me far longer than I'd hoped. Feeling frustrated trying to get everything sorted while Lorraine and Beth were basking in the back garden.

Eventually made it into the garden, and even dozed in the sun for half an hour. Later had some griddle turkey marinaded in some Jamaican jerk seasoning I bought yesterday. Rather good. In the evening getting everything sorted out as I was going to work in London tomorrow and stay with Mum. Lorraine reluctant to go to bed as it brings the starting back at work thing closer.

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