Friday, June 03, 2016

Top hats askew

Writing about sepsis, taking a briefing at 8:30 in the morning from Matt, and working on it the best part of the day on it.

I also spoke to mum, and am planning to to up to London soon. Had to tell Matt I wouldn't be coming to his Birthday party, where all my pals would be meeting, because I had not told Lorraine about it, and she had asked Sue and John down from the Cotswolds this weekend. All completely my fault, and I felt like a chump as I made my excuses.

Sepsis done (with no bad blood), and after a brief call with Val in Paris (all happy with my work luckily) off to the shops. I bought some smalls from M&S. Used shocking language as instructed by the title of the menswear department (arf) and we went on a hunt for a US flag that Beth is going to use in a show. I needed a haircut, but pitched up at the hairdresser five minutes after closing. Stacey, who often does my hair, legged out and said he'd do it anyway which was kind of him. His partner is a dog walker but apparently got sidetracked into chickens yesterday, all of which managed to escape her care, and she spent today retrieving them.

Then Lorraine arrived and waited for me to be done, then we sauntered off to the Basketmakers for a quick pint. Good to be back there and to say hello to a few regulars. Then Lorraine spoke to Matt who was up in the Brighton Tavern, so we went there to have a few overdue beers with Matt and Reuben. Tony behind the bar produced a US flag for Lorraine too at one point. We lurched around the corner to the little Italian place, and had a bit of a feed there. Great to see Matt, and to meet Reuben again. A cab home, with top hats askew.

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