Sunday, June 26, 2016

Hungover and working

A very slow start to Sunday. A hungover Lorraine needing tea and breakfast in bed. When I finally got up I spoke to mum, who was also lamenting Brexit. Mas has his stent operation next week at the Royal Free, and will be in hospital for a couple of days afterwards. I am hoping to see them next week after work in London.

Working again today too. Chiz. Did some billing, and tried for several hours to work on the French stuff. Brain all over the place though, and no progress made. Strayed into the garden briefly to pick some tayberries and lament the slug infested jungle it has become.  Lorraine working today too. In between everything, obsessive reading about the Brexit disaster and its ramifications. Spoke to Janet today, she'd been ill in the week, and I hope to be able to see her next weekend.

Supper with Lorraine, full of vegetable goodness. Got a poetry rejection after several months from Rialto. Tomorrow is another day.

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