Sunday, June 19, 2016

Maureen's pop-ups

Spent the morning in the front garden. Mainly cutting things back, as this wet summery weather is making everything burgeon wildly. Then at noon off to see Maureen and Pat, and take Pat some celebratory cheeses from Lorraine given it was father's day.

Maureen on good form, although eyeing my beard, asked me if I’d run out of razors.  Later, over Sunday lunch, she mentioned that while she was playing solitaire on her iPad she kept getting pop up adverts asking how long was your penis. I couldn’t tell ‘em, but I know how long his is, she said nodding at Pat. Quite a few around the table glad that this line of inquiry stopped there.

Spent lots of time chatting with Pat and mooching about in his garden. He gave us a few cuttings and some tomatoes that were grown from seeds sent by Laura in Finland, and they come with a fine reputation.

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