Monday, June 06, 2016

Monday in London

Up at six after a poor night's sleep, and Lorraine dropped me off at Preston Park station in plenty of time for the 7:17. A short formation so I had to stand all the way to Victoria, and most of the way to Turnham Green. To Chiswick and a day thinking about rabid dogs, and writing certain bits for them after being briefed by a slightly sadder and wiser Matty. A very hot day spent in an office room mostly on my own. Then a train to Gunnersbury, doubled back to Brondesbury then up to Stanmore. A woman briefly fainted on the train, and a man took it on himself to shout for a doctor, to no avail. And the woman was fine.

Heard from my French clients who were happy. And was offered some work later in the month too from another source. All good. I also had to do some more work while waiting for mum.

Home to Mum's and let myself in, speaking to George the next door neighbour, then Poppy who called before Mum returned from the hospital. Mas had spent the day at the Royal Free, and we'll find out tomorrow what happened.

When Mum came back we sauntered down into Edgware and had a curry, which was rather nice. Mum ordered a lamb dish, but then regretted it saying she only wanted to eat vegetarian food from now on. A glass of wine (mum) and beer for me helped smooth the edges of the day.

Walked back home, seeing a fox, before heading to bed. Rather tired tonight. Felt like a long day.

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