Monday, June 27, 2016

Working while England fails

Lorraine dropped me off at the station this morning, then up to London. Working on my French stuff in the train as it delayed its way up to London. Full day at work, working through lunch. Thank goodness I am working with Fernanda at the moment, which makes the days fairly easy. A moment of respite looking down on the trees of Tavistock Square, talking about photography with her. Mentioned Pete Caton, who was in Chad with me, and he messaged me for the first time every about five minutes after. Very strange.

Then home again, relaxing on the delayed train home. Lorraine had cooked and we had supper together. As I got home England were playing the mighty Iceland, and it was already 1-1. Soon Iceland scored another goal. I worked from there on the French stuff,  before coming downstairs to see the final whistle and England's most embarrassing ever loss. Coming after Brexit, the loss of a football came seemed small fry. But there was something in a bewildering loss, the immediate managerial resignation and so on that seemed very familiar. England must have a terrible horoscope at the moment.

The country is reeling. Racist attacks have more than doubled, Johnson, Gove and the vile Farage have disavowed their patently ludicrous pre election promises. Now there a yawning leadership vacuum. Meanwhile the Labour party are trying unsuccessfully to rid itself of the unelectable Corbyn. Meanwhile in places like the Telegraph already blaming the lack of stiff upper lip on the problems of the country. I have never known a time when my country has found itself on such unsteady ground.

Working till 11:30, Lorraine already half asleep, and watching The Great British Sewing Bee on her iPad. Sleep.

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