Saturday, June 04, 2016

Sue and John arrive

Sue and John down from the Cotswolds today. They came around, we had a bite to eat then sauntered through the lanes for the afternoon. Walking by the sea and on the pier. John wondering how I'd enjoyed the football season with Chelsea languishing in tenth place. Sue looking even slimmer than before. She has lost an enormous amount over the last couple of years and looks great on it.

We stopped at The Cricketers and had a cheeky beer or two there, as it was where Lorraine and I had our reception upstairs. Then home for supper and lots of chats, listening to spotify and eating. John, testing out Spotify, putting on Paddy McGinty's Goat, sung by Val Doonican. We ate Lorraine's lovely chicken & prawns dish she got from a Japanese cook recommended to her by Romy. Lorraine and Sue reliving their old nursing days. The stuff they had to do at the age of 18 seems quite extraordinary to me now.

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