Thursday, June 09, 2016

Stuff and things

Checking in with Mum twice a day these days.  Tomorrow the doctors are meeting to plan what needs to be done with Mas. Be good to know. I feel worried about him and I wish they could get him sorted and release him back into the wild. Mum tired by the constant visiting.

Also had time to talk to Janet this evening too. She'd lost a friend this week, and had a couple of days of hospital and other appointments with Ken. Also have my own medical stuff to worry about for this Saturday with the colonoscopy. Studying the sheet with the preparatory mixtures they give you to clean out your bowel. Looking forward to getting this one, um, behind me.

Otherwise a bright sunny day. Woke up after a horrible night of dreams. I found myself living back in Guernsey in my Grandmother's house, with mum, but we were being evicted. Into London for a meeting this morning, then after a couple of hours talking about rabies turned around again, and headed home. Train delays again (as they has been every day this week) with cancellations abounding due to 'lack of crews'. This mysterious Bermuda Triangle for train crew seems to be the consequences of management bungling and pissing off their staff who refuse to work overtime. Either way it is an effing shambles. Searched on Twitter about it, and there are Twitter accounts whose entire raison d'être appears to be to tweet obscenities to the Southern Rail (#southernfail) account.

Meanwhile the country as a whole is lurching towards the catastrophe of Brexit, the remain campaign is failing dismally, while the leavers are puffing on the xenophobic dogwhistle for all they're worth. I don't want to live in Brexit Britain. This feels like Germany circa 1932, the first slithers of an inexorable slide to the right. Another effing shambles.

Wall-to-wall work lined up for the next few weeks. But just not in the mood this afternoon. If in doubt tidy up. I got all my files sorted and became utterly prepared for starting work tomorrow.

The best bit of the day was having an early evening business meeting with Betty in the back garden, planning our next moves re the play. There will be a Christmas spectacular, and with luck we'll take it to Edinburgh next year.

Lorraine back from school late after a meeting. Hardly seen her this week. Chatting on the sofa about stuff and things for some time before bed.

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