Wednesday, June 15, 2016

A fleeting appreciation of the niceness of things

Blearily looked at phone app and saw my train was cancelled. A wild scramble, and Lorraine giving me a lift to the station allowed me to get the early one, in time to buy a cup of tea from the jazz listening guy and his mobile tea and coffee stall outside Preston Park. A litany of cancellations, and just before the one train came a burst of recorded stuff about suspicious packages. I laughed about this and said something to the woman standing next to me, but was ignored. Commuting, eh?

To Turnham Green early. Too early, so I paused and had a cup of tea, served in a china cup and saucer and a pot, from the cafe next to the agency. Also a ham and cheese croissant. Enjoyably middle class. Spent the morning working cheerily with Bei Li and Jo and the others. Easy and pleasant working with Bei again. Then was released back into the wild. Very happy to be released in the afternoon and to return home. There was a meeting to do with Telltale at lunch, but I wasn't able to make that.

Spoke to Mum who said that the latest on Mason was he was having a stent put in his neck as the first step, and there would be a decision on Friday. There have been such announcements but they keep being put back. He will have been in hospital for a month now, and is utterly bored apart from anything else.

Home, early. Walking back through Preston Park from Brighton Station. Loving the walk between trees, and filled with a fleeting appreciation of the niceness of things.

I have many things to catch up with, and I start another job up in Tavistock Square next Monday, I simply idled when I got home. Lorraine back from pilates, and Beth with her foot strapped up by the foot specialist, to help with her plantar fasciitis. After watching some football, (the ladies in the house resigned to this and sit quietly with their faces lit up by their iPads). Spoke to a yawning Mum. Then  before bed Lorraine and I listened to My Teenage Diary podcast, where the presenter gets people to read and explain bits from their teenage diaries. This week it was Michael Rosen, and he was very funny.

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