Friday, June 17, 2016

Thwarted but cheerful

The Tobster's birthday today. Messaged him before he went off to school. Looking forward to having a meatspace beer or two with him in the Summer. Spoke to Mum, who was going to have her first day of not visiting Mason, and doing something different. She needs a break.

I spent the day being mildly thwarted, but feeling quite cheerful. Went into town to try to get my watch strap replaced. Replacing the strap involves sending it back to Skagen the manufacturers, and will take a month. I raged at this and went to another jewellers, and found it to be the same story there. I randomly spotted a beautiful leaf green pair of shoes, which looked great, were cheap, but felt abominable on. I then went into the EE shop to see if a new phone was due, but I have a month to wait on that.

I ended up in Starbucks, hoping to do some of my own work, but I was contacted about the rabid dogs several times. I had to rewrite some copy which was found to be too hard hitting, and another place where the client was unable to understand a simple English word.  I also wrote a post on Facebook about the Brexit vote, and narcissistically checked it during the day as it garnered dozens of likes.

No creative writing at all for a few weeks now, other than a scrap of dialogue I wrote on a train for the Christmas play I am writing which will go with A Glass of Nothing as a Christmas show in Brighton somewhere. Play to be written, venue to be arranged and so on.

As I decided to leave Starbucks a vigorous thunderstorm broke out. When it had settled down to strong rain, I made a scarper for it and bussed home.

Later I spent a happy couple of hours in the Preston Park Tavern with Lorraine, home fairly early from work for once, and Betty back from Beastbourne. Nice to have time to talk to Lorraine and do all the talking we missed out on during the week due to tiredness. And then joined by Betty. Home, and Beth melting away to watch Orange is the New Black. I watched some football game (Spain I think, but they are beginning to blur) and Lorraine fell  heavily asleep on the sofa before I shepherded her off to bed.

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