Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Controlling my own conduct

Mas had his neck operation, and is okay. I thought they were putting a stent in but Mum things they didn’t. It was successful however.

Up blearily with Lorraine, who drove me to Preston Park my train was on time. But the delayed earlier train arrived at the station a few minutes before, broke down and so when the train came it had two trainloads on it. Had to stand up as far as Farringdon, for over an hour and a half.  However I used this time, squidged half into a the luggage space to have a word with myself about everything. Decided that the only thing I can control is my own conduct, and had better look to it, and decided to preachily share this on Facebook. You can be the change you want to see.

Work fine. Still enjoying working with Fernanda. With the growing amount of people at the Tavistock Square agency, I find the whole process has become more complicated, and instead of being able to drive things along I am asked to do not too much.  Curiously this is not relaxing at all. A short stroll around the square at lunch. It is an island of loveliness.

However there were comments from my lovely French clients, which I again had to work on while home. Started supper, as my lovely was late, and then when she came in tried to finish off the amends. Tiredness and a the pages program on iMac working in weird ways meant it frustratingly took forever. Managed to finish at 10:30. The weekend is looking super appealing at the moment, having worked through last weekend, and in the mornings on the train (apart of course from this morning) and at nights since.

Rather wan and worn out by the time I slumped into bed. Trying to think about the money.

Below a broken train and people waiting for the next one at Preston Park. In Tavistock Square.  

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