Wandering about in the sunshine

A slow full English breakfast with Sue and John this morning in the Old Church Hall.  I really enjoyed their company on this short visit. They went on to visit John's daughter after breakfast, and Lorraine and I had an amiable day wandering about in Brighton slightly aimlessly. Went up to see Janet's open house Diva 3. Janet's work in particular is coming on in leaps and bounds. L and I also met Jutka Fisher, who makes wonderful pots from multicoloured clay, of whom I am a fan. Huss, Ken's son in law also there, and we had a good chat. Ken enjoying a judicious afternoon nap.

Of then to wander about in town in the sunshine. We ended up calling in on Matt in his new home, and sat by an open window in the heart of the North Laine sipping tea and looking down at the people wandering through the little streets, and hearing the hubbub of voices. Felt strangely at comforted there, and was ambushed by one of those transcendental moments of happiness. Matt is in a nice place. We all popped into the Foundry for a quick drink but L and I soon went home to a much needed leisurely evening indoors. I am feeling happy.