Old friends

To Staines today, with Betty on board as she was returning to Kingston. Chatting about her course and the 'nativity' play I'd like to do this year before Christmas. Beth is doing the Blondage show in Camden this summer, which is really exciting for her.

After dropping Beth off at Stains station, Lorraine and I arrived at Anne's lovely house near the river, where I had spent several Christmas Eves. It was like old times, hanging out with Anne, Anton and Brian - and great to see Anton's Uncle John and Sue, who I'd not seen for far too long. John just the same, and just a warm lovely man.

Oskar and Klaudia there too, and I spent a good deal of time playing with them. Especially Klaudia who set up an assault course which Anne, Brian, Lorraine, Anton and I had to negotiate. I came last, according to Klaudia, for persistent cheating. Again feeling grateful to have my Godchildren in my life. I always have fun with them. Klaudia shared some of her music with me too, the girl group Little Mix and a peppy little pop singer called Titch, who I'd never heard of.

Anton cooked some excellent barbecued steaks and I drank wine and limoncello and chatted a good deal. Rather in need of rejuvenating sparkling water by the time Lorraine and I arrived home, with what proved a very easy drive. A really nice day.