Sex murderers and not much else

Fragmentary day. Monday and back to work on the book trying to define the concept of wonder, and have gradually reached a reasonable definition; also chasing a freelance payment. I drifted off to the gym for another mild mannered workout. Curiously it is only while exercising do I get consciously nervous about going into hospital this Thursday at other times I seem to have it in a good perspective. I struggle with not being in control, but there are times when you just have to surrender to their alien abduction.

Chatted to Mum who is coming down to Brighton for a day next week.

Then did some more bits about the house in preparation for the photographer's visit, and cooking starvation rations for Lorraine this evening. L watching Swedes be beastly to each other this evening, followed by something set in Nor'n Ireland with Gillian Anderson and a sexmurderer in it. Puts me in mind of the Neue Sachlichkeit sex murderer paintings such as this one by Heinrich Maria Davringhausen. The Neue Sachlichkeit is an amazing period in German Art and one I have loved ever since I saw an exhibition of it when I was at school.

Der lustmorder Heinrich Maria Davringhausen