A New Order

Working steadily on the book, having to consult Matt about musical matters. Quite handy to have an actual composer to consult. His advice led me to investigate more works by Morton Feldman and Frederic Rzewski on Youtube. Interesting stuff and worth dipping into. There is so much great music in the world that rarely gets heard -- and so much godawful gutless pap that gets heard too much.

Lorraine working at home this morning and having a technical sounding meeting with her pal Tracey about educational data. I investigated John Cage's 4' 33'' (the famous silent piece). I love that it is in three parts, each marked Tacet in the score.

I sloped off in the afternoon to have a rather good haircut, and to browse in Dave's Comics. I love the graphic novel format, but find Superheroes have a limited appeal. Home in the afternoon and more work on the book. Lorraine had an after hours meeting with the estate agent, and then we shopped efficiently then rounded the week off  with L and I strapping on the Indian nosebags enjoyably in the Shahi.

I have initiated a New Order of cleanliness and tidiness in the house, standards mainly targeted at myself as I was messy before the revolution. Contemplating getting post it notes with little swastikas on to attach to unauthorised items of mess.

And talking of fascists,  UKIP (the UK Independence Party) have been the beneficiary of a protest vote against mainstream parties and have won lots of seats in the local elections. UKIP seems to be the repository of the disaffected right wing who are against  immigration, gay marriage, foreigners in general, Europe, Eastern Europeans, intellectuals, people who can read, sentience etc. And even more pathetic is that they are lead by someone with an identical public schoolboy background to all the other party leaders.