Beer at last

Far more peppy and managed a full and productive day's work.  Lorraine working at home this afternoon too which was lovely, to my surprise she got me a hardback copy of W.B. Yeats's poems which I had once treasured but lent to someone who never returned it. A really lovely thing to do. I also had an Amazon delivery today of a volume of Classical Literary Criticism, which I was consulting for the thing I am writing, and a documentary about Bob Marley. Pushed on with the book, finally working out my approach to the subject of 'wonder'.

L and I had a nice walk to the walled garden, past the big top where the circus is pitched with various musics drifting out. After admiring the plants and having a late wander, we were pleasantly ushered out by a park keeper as the garden should already have been closed, leaving the black tulips and bleeding hearts to the late slanting sun. Then to the climbing rock garden across the road, which has been somewhat redesigned although sadly was the cause of a fish massacre as some doofus loaded all the fish into a skip, and many of them simply died. A beautiful garden still, full of splashes of colour.

L and I then drifting off to the Shahi to celebrate what felt the first day of feeling almost normal after my procedure. Had my first taste of beer in many days, and it was a splendid. Home to drink sparkling water and mess about on facebook before an early night where my body struggled ineffectually with hot curry.