An inconvenient widow

Up early and tidying up the house in a two hour frenzy before the photographer arrived. The house photographer seemed quite professional. I pestered him with questions to understand some of the tricks of his trade, saturating the shots and taking many of the same scene at different exposures to overlay them. Camera height is important too, low for gardens, high for kitchens. Pulling out one chair invitingly from a table.

He also left me with a good story about the son of a famous photographer who discovered that his recently deceased father had loads of property. The photographer was hired to photograph the properties and accompany the son going happily about town gloating over the huge fortune he had suddenly come into. The son went into the final property and after some time emerged white faced, saying he needed to see his solicitor. The final flat had contained a Thai lady the father had married two weeks before his death.

This all somewhat disruptive to my work schedule though, which is making me somewhat fed up. Also at tricky slow-going part of the book, which is not helping. Lorraine home late after a meeting. I cooked an excellent chicken curry, even if I say it myself.