The air guitar of happiness

A nice lazy start to the day. As traditional, Lorraine and I sat in bed gulping tea, reading the news sites on iPads and laptops with the cats hanging about.

Wandered into Brighton Lorraine as I expected Mindy to arrive, but she cancelled. Instead I sat about having nice cups of tea with Lorraine and Rosie in Trafalgar street in a sunny interlude. Then I made off to catch up with Anton. Young Oskar's now hosting a squadron of model airplanes hanging from his ceiling. Also introduced to Snappy the venus fly trap.

Then briefly to the child friendly Cow for a cheeky drink and chat. I was once called the Tin Drum, where I first met Lorraine. I don't like it being called the Cow.

Then home to sprawl briefly on the gold sofa (newly washed) and watch Wigan steal a late goal against Manchester City to win an improbable victory in the FA Cup. Football is fantastic at the moment. Chelsea's victory over Aston Villa this morning secured them a top four finish (winning them another shot at the Champion's league that they won last year) Frank Lampard became Chelsea's all time top goal scorer, with 203 goals and they are in the Europa cup final on Wednesday. Better though is the fact that all their chief opponents are in disarray and it looks like 'The Special One' Jose Mourinho is returning to manage Chelsea.

In the evening jumped into my omnipurpose suit and Lorraine and I went to Cuckfield where Jess and Andrew were celebrating their Wedding and sixtieth birthdays. We gave a lift to Karen and Sandra, two pleasantly chatty Irish friends of Jess. Arriving, the venue appeared completely closed and silent, as other guests arrived one said he'd just seen another Old School Hall on a map of Cuckfield. This turned out to be a nesting place of wild geese, and after driving around the village, and puzzling over smartphones, we returned to the original place and found the venue tucked around the corner facing the Church. Entered somewhat sheepishly.

A lovely place for a party, with loud music, tables groaning with food and lots of booze. Lorraine knew quite a few people there, but I really only knew Jess and Andrew, and rather difficult to talk to people I didn't know in the noise. Jess dancing lots in her wedding dress. Jess had been widowed over ten years ago, but her former mother in law Millie now in her late eighties, was there to celebrate too. I particularly enjoyed seeing Millie dancing with an inflatable air guitar.