A forest stroll

Awake early and had to get up. L dozed happily in the bed with the sun streaming through the Velux windows onto the bed. I did some work on the opera project Matt and I are talking about.  Eventually up and had a belly-busting brunch.

Off then to make the most of the sunshine. It is a passingly rare thing that we get a bank holiday in the UK when it isn't hosing down. L and I headed inland while the motorway was choked with people coming to Brighton. But even some of the narrow country lanes were jammed with traffic, so we abandoned our plan to head to a specific place and found ourselves stopping by a roadside and plunging into some woods.

As we walked on we discovered this was part of St Leonard's forest - the destination of the dragon walk that Anton and I had done for three days along the river Arun a few years ago. At one point we neared a golf tee. The crack of their shots loud in the trees we threaded through silent as chubby elves. A lovely walk accompanied by bright yellow butterflies and white wood anemones and bluebells which are a month late this year.

Then back in the car, via a garden centre, to get a few plants for our back garden and to buy water as we were both dehydrated. Home, and some fixing up to be done which we did sternly for a couple of hours.

Long chat with Sophie tonight, still naturally very sad about her dad.

Below highly unremarkable snaps from a lovely walk.