Squinting at sparklers

Rainy overcast day did not dampen our cheeriness. A full Guernsey breakfast at La Barbarie before having a restful morning reading and chatting. Off to town in the afternoon, much surprised when I asked if it were still £1 as it had been in October, only to be told it was £2 for visitors now by its dour driver from Yorkshire. However all put to right by seeing Richard's poem Sunset at Cobo featured on board.

Into St Peter Port and on with the business of the day: buying Lorraine an engagement ring. Busy telling each other that if nothing was found here, then we could buy something in Brighton. Much squinting at sparklers and window shopping until a promising shop was found. A fortifying cup of tea and baked potato later, we plunged in and soon emerged with a sparkler (to be re-sized) but is inset so that it is flat on top, but you have the effect of looking into the depths of the diamond. Lorraine very happy all round, which makes me heart warmed.

Home for a siesta, and then to The Captains for supper. Saddened to be told they no longer serve Pony Ale with the bar manager claiming it is no longer brewed. Nevertheless we had a couple of throat-soothing beers, some pub grub, and wandered happily home along the bat-flitting lanes.