The ring hits the lava

Heavy rain on the Velux windows at 5:30. Up later, thanks to a cup of tea from Lorraine. She was also stretching out her trousers to show how much weight she has lost on her fasting diet. Working on the book thinking about what constitutes a sense of wonder. This interspersed with the distinctly unwondrous business of chasing an unpaid invoice, speaking to the estate agent, washing sofa covers and so on.

Somewhere a magical ring has been thrown into a volcano. Texts with Anton about the resignation of the Sauron of Manchester United, Sir Alex Ferguson. A splendid event that, hopefully, will herald that club's collapse into pastoral mediocrity. But I will miss his purple faced touchline rages and have to acknowledge that he was the best manager the English game has ever seen.

A peaceful evening, Lorraine not having her best time at work. I comforted her with noodles.