An enjoyable spell in hell

Despite post-anaesthetic trippiness, I was determined to see a production of No Exit (Huis Clos) by John-Paul Sartre  at the New Venture Theatre. Lorraine and I bussed there, a woman getting off the bus pressing her day pass ticket into my hand as I boarded.

Simon played the demonic Valet who introduced three antagonistic characters into the room where they have to endure each other for the rest of eternity where 'hell is other people'. Despite studying Sartre at university, I'd never seen a production of this play. It is a splendid idea for a theatre piece, although after I wondered how Becket would have handled it -- a good deal shorter I would have thought.

Simon charismatic as the Valet and Emmie Spencer's Inez the postal worker was excellent.

Lorraine and I hoofed it for a bus, home slightly spinny headed and was grateful for the sofa.