Estate agents and romcoms

Spent the morning tidying up the newly-decluttered house like a fascist for several hours, then to the gym for a mild mannered workout feeling no ill-effects afterwards.

In the afternoon visited by an estate agent who I quite liked who came to size up the Old Church Hall. A novel experience: liking an estate agent. Lorraine and I are embarking on a new phase where we rationalise property, with the idea of selling both our homes and living mortgage-free in a place that we have chosen together in Brighton or somewhere slightly further afield if it ticks our boxes.

In the evening off to meet Dawn in town and we went to see the movie Love is all you need. An intelligent grown up Danish romcom starring Pierce Brosnan and Trine Dyrholm and set largely in Italy. Highly enjoyable and lovely performances. Mind you, I am a sucker for a good romcom.

From here we ducked into The Basketmakers for a post movie chat. Irish Tom there and greeting us, particularly Lorraine, warmly. Good fun before drifting home and wending bedwards. Dawn staying for a sleepover.

Below there was splendid chemistry between Brosnan and Dyrholm.


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