Kippers and cider with Mum

A poor night's sleep. Scooting about this morning doing some work before accosting Mum at Brighton station. Straight to the sea, which we found to be greenish with a bruised banks of cloud raining in the distance.

 Mum drawn right away to the kippers in a roll at Jack and Linda Mills place on the seafront. Lovely people and Jack was wearing a Guernsey jumper and so we chatted about this and he came outside to chat with us as we ate outside. He told us about fishing here just after the war, and how the sea was full of fish because of how the sea had been mined to defend it.

Then a cold walk around the pier, the flags stiff in the breeze. A good deal of talking to be done, which we did as we walked around the pier watching the skeletons etc. loom out of their smoking windows at the top of the horror hotel ride. Then inland to The Mock Turtle for tea and cake. Enjoying all the willow pattern plates on the wall, and the tables on the sides groaning with cakes.

Next to the Museum to float about looking at art and paintings, including the new Jeff Koons exhibition. Koons' work leaves me stone cold at best, although there is a kind of fun to be had looking at work you despise -- although I liked his large mirrors. More tea in the Museum cafe, as we were suffering post kipper dehydration.

Lorraine on a starving day and working with governors, so came to meet us at The Signalman where Mum and I had applied ourselves to the Cider festival they were running, and drinking various ciders that tasted of blackberries, and ginger, and the kinds of cider that has a long taste reminiscent of the dead things that get thrown in the barrel to aid fermentation. A fair amount of drink was taken and it was a lively evening.

We ordered some food, which turned out not to be so good, and mum having explained that it was the worst burger she had ever tasted we were awarded a full refund, and treated in an exemplary way by the manager, who also got us some free drink too. Which seemed exactly what we needed. Lorraine arrived eventually and shepherd us back home slightly worse for wear. The food in the Signalman is generally excellent, and I was very happy with the professional way it had been dealt with.

Below Mum reflected in the Jeff Koons exhibition, and late May scene on the freezing beach.