Stampedes and Symphonic Wind

Bumped into Adrian this morning, telling me about struggles to get the council to remove graffiti from brickwork, blasting it off himself, before the Green run council agreed too late to remove it. Told him I saw press coverage of Brighton's ruling Green party with a 'Wilting Greens' headline.

Betty at home but snoozing through the day. L and I went into town to watch The London Gay Symphonic Wind orchestra in a free event in the Dome. Called en route by Matt who told us to come to the Brighton Tavern first. This was thronging with cowboys and squaws and so on.  Matt had entered The Tavern Stampede, see photos below, this involved half a dozen or so folks pelting down the street to return in coffee bean sacks, asking for a cowboy blow job cocktail, and some business of changing shirts. All rather hilarious.

Thence to the dome with Matt and John, now sporting a white stick, to hear the London Gay Symphonic Winds. Rather good actually, playing everything from Elgar's Nimrod to Lady Gaga's Poker Face. After this cultural interlude, L and I repaired back to the Tavern with John, Matt and Matt's old pal Naomi one of the wind players, who was very nice. L and I sauntered home in the sun, and had a peaceful evening.

Below pictures of the cowboy stampede. Even in Brighton not something you see every day. Matt on the right hand side on the top three photos.


a said…
Young Aubrey said to me later " I like that man. He had a very nice face…"