Working happily working on the business book. Also decided to take myself to the gym, and managed a gentle workout with few ill effects. I cooked for Lorraine and myself a low calorie meal, as Lorraine was on a fast day, and after snacking this down L made off to sing, while I slipped off in the evening to The Caxton where there was a slightly prickly poetry workshop session and with about a dozen of us reading a poem and providing feedback. Several of us attending for the first time. I sat next to a transexual woman who made some insightful comments.

The poem I took was thought good and I found it useful to discuss the bits that were not quite resolved. A good standard of work on offer, and I enjoyed the session and was pleased I'd gone. After two hours, almost everyone left. I had a beer afterwards with the two remaining people, Michael who left shortly after and David a man about my age from Nor'n Ireland, with whom I stayed for an hour or so for a friendly chat and to hear a range of his readily-proffered opinions. I think back to poetry sessions in other places and times in my life and they were a hotbed of friendships and conversation. Can't seem to find this in Brighton, which seems not to make sense.