Spectacularly pleasant

Achey eyes lately, and so went for an eye test.  General eye health very good apparently, which is nice to know. Nice ophthalmologist with whom I had quite an in depth chat about AMD and other subjects I have written about. He was screamed at with glee by two little girls after he took me upstairs. These turned out to be his daughters. Lorraine arrived to give me a second opinion and have ordered some new prescription reading specs. Two intellectual looking pairs on order, both not previously sat on, which will be nice.  

Then to see Janet and Ken. Ken in vigorous spirits, and upstairs with a man helping to sort his computer out. The occasional nautical language spilling downstairs as Ken described cyber struggles. He actually looks much better than I have seen him for some time. Janet showing us all kinds of new techniques she has learned for her embroidery work, which includes printing patterns onto silk using a computer printer. All rather excellent, and Lorraine was getting quite inspired.

I however feeling rather drained, and was very pleased to get home and make the most of a very lazy afternoon, complete with a snooze on the sofa. Luxury. A quiet evening in with my Lorraine, watching a new Swedish Noir programme with Swedes slaughtering each other with abandon.