Released back into the wild

Last day in London for a while and fairly busy with a few loose ends. Managed to break away at lunch with Katie, to have a quick drink with a guy called Andy who was leaving today in the Marquis Cornwallis. Kate and I discovered The French Bloke there who had come to say wish Andy well. The FB is now leading another agency, and being rather important. While he was mostly in broadcast-only mode, it was good to see him. Matty boy turned up and for ten minutes or so I had quite a strong sense of déjà vu looking around at these old friends.

After work, a final drink with Andy and First Matie back in The Marquis, before slipping the surly bonds of work  and haring back into St Pancras and the wilds of Brighton. Home to the slightly grizzly scene of Lorraine hacking at a raw turkey with a large chopping knife. We had stir fry and slumped gratefully on the gold sofa to eat it.