Doing it yourself

Divebombed into wakefulness by hungry cats at what seemed the unspeakably early hour of eight o'clock. Lovely springlike day, with the sound of amplified encouragement of marathon runners coming from the park. Having fed the weasels, made tea, and put two extra cups in a flask, simply went back to bed. L got up later and made us some breakfast, and we stayed in bed for a long time.

Gradually up enough to go shopping (where I grabbed some curly kale, which the optician said was the single best thing for eye health) walked through the busy park to visit to the sunlit walled garden, Lorraine moving from shrub to shrub loving all the springlike burgeoning). Also watched the second half of Chelsea versus Manchester City in the FA cup semifinal. Chelsea lost 2-1 despite them dominating the second half, scoring and playing with fluency, invention. A thoughtful text from Anton afterwards.

After fortifying slices of Guernsey Gâche (kindly brought over by Jane) and a cup of splosh we then did painting and decorating. I used the roller on a long pole to paint parts of the ceiling while Lorraine did the edges, and we replacing shelves and so on. I am not much of a DIY person, but Lorraine radiates a can-do attitude, which stiffens the resolve, which, when it comes to DIY, needs a good deal of stiffening.  

Lorraine made a notably splendid tagine this evening, having been browsing cooking pages on her iPad in bed this morning. She made it with ingredients including lemons preserved in brine, olives, onion, chicken, coriander, parsley, saffron, cinnamon and ginger. Delicious.