A royal visit

Completely different day, great night's sleep and sprang out of bed feeling chipper. A really busy day at work, however, with the only break affording an opportunity to slope out and buy a salmon and cucumber sandwich. One person so stressed they had to be taken to hospital but thankfully was found to be fine later.

Finished Mark Hill's MS on the train this morning. A very readable read: I think he's cracked it and am inspired by his example.

Home to find Jane safely installed, having flown in from Guernsey this morning and regally explored Brighton during the day. Jane and Lorraine having had a glass of wine having tucked into Lorraine's special chicken grape and lettuce dish. Jane's over to see an Italian pal who is staying in Brighton. However a mix up over dates meant that Jane only got to see her for an hour late in the evening, which meant we had plenty of time to chat. When Jane did slope off she found herself being lionised by thirty Italians, who wanted their photographs taken with her.

I meanwhile, had sloped tiredly but happily to bed. For those seeking a reminder of Jane's special lookeylikey talents click through here.