Sad news from Sophie

Sad news just before I went to bed on Wednesday, read a text from Sophie saying her father had died. Obviously Sophie and her family are heartbroken, and there is a funeral next week and I shall go to support Sophie and pay my respects to this good man, who emigrated to the UK from Cyprus in his early twenties. Sophie used to take me to the family restaurant in Golders Green, called La Primavera, where he always treated me kindly. He worked hard with long hours, and I hardly ever saw him at home when I visited Sophie.

I had a bad headache which got steadily worse. Not helped by the back of my office chair suddenly sheering off comedy style, and jarring my back abominably. Finding it difficult to focus, decided fresh air might help, and took myself to Starbucks where I sipped Earl Grey and worked on the business book for a couple of hours. I like tarrying in Starbucks, using their free wifi and getting a table to yourself where nobody hassles you. I think they owe us all one.

But my headache morphed into a full blown migraine and I felt sick and weak and the light hurt my eyes. Caught a bus home, and slept on the gold sofa in the afternoon, and thankfully the worst of the pain abated, leaving me limp and wussy. Not exactly the day of powerhouse achievement I planned. Lorraine home after a trying day, and hungry on her diet.