Beetroot and Blair

Up to London sans coat for the first time this year. Armed with a large multicloured golfing umbrella, whose only function was to make me look a little ridiculous.  Feeling tense this morning, and listened to a meditation tape on the train, which helped. Also read on the BBC website that researchers are saying that beetroot juice significantly lowers blood pressure. Slipped out at lunchtime with Kate, to score some.  Turns out that beetroot is one of the things that Peter Kennys like best, and so could become a regular drink. Exotically coloured wee here I come!

Working hard all day, and reading The End of the Party on the way home. It is quite a tense read, the levels of frustration, treachery and duplicity during Blair's Government seems incredible in Andrew Rawnsley's account. I am pleased I never went into politics.

Home to a Lorraine, and a healthy stir fry crammed with vegetables. Brian the cat was looking perkier today, after his bout with a Tasmanian Devil yesterday.