Music over poetry

Busy day in which I felt tetchy for most of the day. Worked really well on the business book this morning, however, then painted part of the downstairs, went shopping and attended to a string of chores. Rather sluggish and tired this afternoon but I simply manned up.

In the evening off to Hove for a poetry reading. This time went alone and didn't particularly enjoy myself, nor the poetry on offer. One of those rare days when I simply wasn't in the mood. After an hour or so of this, and having read a solitary poem myself, I slipped away to sample some music instead. Walking along Western Road with the sea mist rolling in, I bumped into Dipak, hot foot from playing with Richard as the Shakespeare Trio for two or three numbers. He has got a six day a week job, and so has not played with Richard for six months and had enjoyed himself.

A chat with him in the street for a while, before I headed off to the Three Jolly Butchers where Richard had morphed into The Shakespeare Heptet, standing up and was playing with three others who were well into the music, on bass, percussion, and harmonica. It was a bit more free form than before, but great fun and Richard seemed to be in full force. For the last number Claudius got his flute out and played too.

Steve, Fingers, Claudius and Maria were also there and it was good to catch up. Steve has shaved his head rather startlingly, but looked cool. Fingers off on holiday tomorrow. Generally good fun.