Nerf guns and knockers

Busy day. I went up to give Oskar his Nerf Gun, which instantly sent a bullety thing with some velocity at Anna. I fear for Klaudia and the cats, but the boy was well pleased. Anton showed me a squadron of construction kit aircraft that he and Oskar had built, and Anton had painted through the watches of the night. Anna told me she is having problems with her kidneys and extremely high blood pressure and is seeing the doctor regularly to control it.

Thence down to the Twitten to leave a door knocker to replace the one purloined by the Brighton door knocker thief. They weren't in so I poked it into the back garden and left a note.  

Home and a lazy afternoon chatting with Lorraine (sporting this morning's hair cut) and Betty before she went back to London, via a party. L and I spent our evening exhaustingly organising the house, ready to take off excess clutter to store in Pat and Maureen's garage tomorrow.

Below L and I went to the local van hire place to hire a ford transit for tomorrow. Only two lots of leaflets in the dowdy little office there for people to pick up. Only in Brighton.