Eventual improvement

Nightmares of frustration and anxiety. Woke early and read in bed. A short burst of palpitations made me feel disproportionately rattled. Still got up and had a nice breakfast with Mum and Mas, despite the fact the cat had brought in a mouse, and Mas drove me off to Edgware station.  Chugged in on time on the Metropolitan Line to Euston Square.

Into work and discovered that the file I had worked on all yesterday afternoon, after personally promising the client would be done by this morning, had vanished from the server. IT people and others helping, but all to no avail, so had to start from scratch.

Lunchtime out for a walk to a bookshop with First Matie, and had a chat with Matty boy next to the statue of the Mahatma about Graeme, who will be having his operation soon. My heart goes out to him.

We sloped off and bought a short life of Dante for £2.99, which was a bargain. Nice to hang out with Kate, who helped me feel a lot more normal after a weirdly  twitchy morning.

Really looking forward to getting home. More The End of the Party reading on the train. At Brighton, teeming rain made it even better to be indoors with my Lorraine.


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