London day

Again up to Tavistock Square. A manbag incident on the way into work. The strap coming free of the bag, as I walked on and had to scurry back to retrieve it from the mobs of Dicknsian dodgers. Once at work, given some referencing work this morning which I loathe. Off in the afternoon off to Wise Buddha in Great Titchfield Street in a taxi with Amardeep, a tiny young suit with a forceful personality and Jimmy Choo heels. London gridlocked and it took us about 45 minutes, longer than it would have taken to walk.

In and out rather quickly with a good voiceover artist, with the appropriately stirring corporate tone. Nice client too. After I had to wait for a short time, and browsed through one of their many visitor's books -- which contained signatures from everyone from Cliff Richard to The Doobie Brothers.

Thunder and a deluge as we left, which meant there was suddenly not a single taxi to be had. I was all for walking it, Amadeep said she was going to go by tube, then called me from a taxi window a few minutes later on Oxford Street and I clambered in. Sunlight by the time we got back to Tavistock Square. A few drinks chatting with First Matie and Matty boy after work, which is always fun. Lorraine sucked into an interminable work day and not home till after eleven.

Below a couple of stolen snaps from inside the studio, the editor and the talent behind the soundproof doors.