All white

Lorraine working from home, which was splendid. A good start on the book, then broke off to walk in the sunshine to buy a black tie from M&S for tomorrow's funeral. A sunny and cool spring day, the streets quite busy. Bussed back for speed and cooked a delicious miso and noodle soup for lunch.

Heard from Mark Hill, who has jumped the next hurdle on his book, and shared some glowing feedback from the publisher. Inspiring.

In the evening, L and I finished painting the main room downstairs, and it looks white and larger. We work as a good team. Painting the ceiling and got a good deal of paint on my face. To The Basketmakers for a late pint with Matt. He has a new and promising business wheeze for himself, and is gradually adjusting to his new life as a singleton.

Discovered  Lorraine still up having watched some nordic noir crime drama. It makes me laugh that L can't cope with the political arguments on question time as it stresses her, but is quite happy to watch people torturing each other in Denmark.


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