Curries and white paint

In no rest for the wicked mode, a day of painting the hall, stairs and landing white. Up early and a light breakfast, moving things around out of the way, Soon Cath and then Dawn came around to help us and we four worked really well and got the job done in good time. Cath and Dawn worked incredibly hard and efficiently.

First Matie came down to help, but we were so speedy we had finished a few minutes before she arrived. After we made good, I popped out to get some drinks, and had an altercation with the obnoxious man who runs the local off license, so I had to go to another rather than give money to a rude man.

A happy evening with of lots of friends in an early celebration of Lorraine's birthday. As well as Cath, Dawn and First Matie, Rosie and Tim joined us, fresh from cycling on the Downs. John, sporting blue shades in preparation for his cataract operation, and Matt brandishing a large bunch of flowers.

Anton came a bit later on, after the rest of us had dined heartily on some of Lorraine's splendid curries and dahls and we drank many boozes and finished off with some delicious lemon meringue pudding that Dawn had made and brought with her. Lorraine had a really good time.

A lovely evening. Chatting late and deeply with First Matie before bed.