A cheeky with First Matie

Up to London again. I am going there next week too now, which is good for the doubloons. Working on pulmonary hypertension, a medical condition which is short on laughs.  A busy Friday in Tavistock Square, but left work promptly with First Matie and we snuck off to a nearby pub called the Skinner's Arms.

A long time since I have had a post work booze with Katie, so a good deal to discuss. This drink made even better by the fact Lorraine was in town too, having gone to see an exhibition of early Picasso with her pal Carolyn, and met up with Sam who was down in London, she joined us there too. Felt nice to meet Lorraine up in London.

Fond farewells with Katie. And Lorraine and I got the train home from St Pancras. Phoned ahead for a takeaway which we picked up after a cheeky extra beer in Circus Circus. Home scarfed my food, and boofed to sleep on the gold sofa, while Lorraine caught up with Masterchef and shepherded me to bed when the time came.

Below First Matie and Lorraine up in the Smoke.