Hunky Dory

Another dreadful night's sleep, strange devil trains dragging along the viaduct in the small hours, cleaning the lines and shining bright lights through the Velux windows. Lorraine up early so I was too being cat-plagued and keen to make progress. Calliope especially sees it as her mission to wake me still. I got to Sainsburys at opening time to buy some muesli for me and prawns for Calliope, and started work at 8:30.

Got cracking on the business book again, which I enjoyed. This stage is all about metaphor and the darker arts of advertising. Found that my hardback copy of Aristotle's Poetics seems to have vanished, but downloaded one for my kindle (albeit an old translation).

At noon I was called by the Tavistock posse and asked to work in the afternoon on some copy for them, however, which added some cash to the day's equation which is always welcome.

Claudius came around for a business discussion, related to The Shakespeare 'Heptet' as they are now known. They want some marketing advice, which if they get their arts council grant they will shunt my way. I pointed out that it is hard to have a marketing strategy if there is no business strategy. He also left me a magazine about Buddhism as he is well into it.

Lorraine working from home this afternoon. She was on a fasting day, so we ate mild mannered steamed vegetables, a little grilled fish and brown rice. I actually really enjoy this simple fare. A quiet night in, L and I listened to Hunky Dory by David Bowie, L sewing and me reading The End of the Party before we flaked off to bed quite Hunky Dory ourselves.