Showering Lorraine this morning, which requires taping up her arm in plastic bags, and standing in the shower and shampooing her hair and so on. I am becoming exceptional at putting on bras.

Looked at a lovely book which Rosie had bought for Beth for her birthday. It is called The boy, the mole, the fox and the horse by Charlie Mackesy a cartoon book which is selling by the truckload at the moment. I can see why. A lovely drawing style combined with simple wisdoms. It is a lovely thing.

A quiet afternoon, Sam and Jade going out. Lorraine and I grabbed a bit of quiet time before girding our loins for the evening when  Anton and Oskar came around. Beth, Sam and Jade we were a merry company. Lots of games played, like charades and Funemployed and beers and bubbly drunk and snacks consumed. Oskar having fun I hope, and soaking up a few red bulls. A cheerful way to see in a new year and definitely one of my favourite new year's eves.

Quite some time after midnight, Anton and Oskar cabbed home, and Lorraine and I crept off to bed at about three leaving the others still at it.

Below for some reason I was not so snappy happy this year. Lorraine snapped these just after midnight, however. With Sam, Jade and Beth, and me Oskar and Anton. My lovely one-armed wifey not in shot. A page from the Mackesy book.