An xmas lull

A much needed day on the waggon. I biffed a former colleague's beano in London today, and got on with the job I had from my pals in Hampton that I was doing from home. This done I spoke at last to my accountant, and managed to get a bit taken off my tax bill which was a bit of a result. I am in a far better position than I was this time last year, so that is a big bonus. Despite the country going to the dogs, I am quietly optimistic about my various projects next year.

Mooched into town this afternoon, rain-dodging naturally, and did a spot of fairly cheery Xmas shopping and then hopped on a bus as the cold rain began again. Good to have a night in sipping mineral water and teas. Lorraine come home early for her and we made vegetable pie and wee bit of mash. Lorraine making me laugh telling me about a four year old child mooning during the rehearsal for the school nativity play.