Join the dots

Friday 13th. The day after the election and general wound licking and horror at the future abounding. 

In my day to day life, things not quite joining up.

Snufflingly back at work. An  email with an urgent job from my pals in Paris went astray this morning, resulting in a bit of a frenzy half way through the day. Then a letter from my accountant, with a steeper tax bill than I had hoped for. Looking again at the information I sent them I found an anomaly so I am hoping the figure will be revised downwards. 

Another agency got in touch and told me that my reply about my availability had gone into their spam folder. Then there is the mystery double payment into my business account rumbles on, and the French agency says was a bank mistake.  

Met Chris Williams for a coffee this afternoon, which was nice. A good chat with him, but then looked at my phone and some emails that needed action.  A smidge more work coming next week, however, which is good news from my pals in Hampton. Happy to be back on the gold sofa tonight, with my lovely wife.