A little quiet time

Up and helping Lorraine on with her clothes and into socks and so on this morning. Pat and Maureen off home today, but before that we were all driven by Beth into town. She did very well despite being stressed by having what she calls 'precious cargo' in the back.  Into various shops with Lorraine, Pat and Maureen. I bought present for Mum, after phoning her and her first saying that she wanted a box of time. Lorraine managing to buy a pair of jeans despite being one armed. We had coffee in Debenhams, which Maureen said was a nice sit down.

Then home, in a cab and Pat and Maureen were collected by Lorraine's nephew Pete, who came in for a bit of a chat. Fond farewells with Pat and Maureen.  Pat has acquired a new coat from somewhere, but nobody knows where it came from.

Beth off to see pals overnight, leaving Lorraine and I to a little quiet time, nesting alone on the gold sofa, and watch a film adaptation of The Turn of The Screw and a couple of episodes of Wisting, a Norwegian detective show before bed.  Also messaged by Toby -- who is having a splendid time with Romy, Dick and Joan in Martinique.