Christmas Day

Christmas Morning, and Beth up very early making the roast cabbage dish. Lorraine and I up and after cups of tea, we opened some presents. I got a bottle of Vera Wang for men, and the lovely satchel I had admired when we went to Wakehurst Place for the lanterns from Lorraine, and a nice sweatshirt from Beth and I got a great wifi speaker from Anton, and some glasses from Anne.

I spoke to Mum this morning, who was getting ready to go out with Mas to the Romanian neighbour.

With only five of us this year in Kenny Towers the food prep was fairly manageable. Pat and I went off for our now traditional pint in The Preston Park Tavern. It was like a summer's day, with people spread out on the tables outside, and the usual complement of children. Once we had been served, Pat and I sat outside in the back garden with a heater on overhead, and drank a couple of nice pints. People in very friendly mood and Pat chatting to several folks. Even the older woman who had been very grumpy in front of me at the bar fell over in the back garden, but was luckily unharmed.

Then home, for what was a wonderful Christmas dinner that Lorraine and Beth had put lots of love into. The large bottle of Prosecco we had bought from Waitrose the other day, was mostly empty I noticed, and the ladies all seemed in good spirits. Every single part of the meal was delicious.

After washing and clearing everything, we ate Christmas pudding later. Then we played charades in the evening, and generally had a laugh.

Below Pat and I in the pub, and various present opening scenes.... And Beth with a stick of Brussels Sprouts.