End of term

The deluge like rain continues. Saw a tweet from Reuben who said that Brighton was basically an island this morning. No trains to London, and the motorway blocked.

Thanking my lucky stars I was not commuting today, as in days of yore.  Instead I tidied up a few bits, and went to the gym for the first time this month and did a small spot of shopping. Lorraine's last day at school. The End of Term!!! Beth at home today, having finished her various jobs too.

Lorraine went to her work's Christmas do in Brighton. Anton and I met in the Shakey Head and had a few drinks there and tried their beer battered gherkins, which were interesting, although neither of us was in a rush to try them again. Then we sauntered down to the Hampton, where Beth came to meet us having seen some pals. Lorraine came too, with her top hat slightly askew from her work do. Had a good laugh there, which was great fun, before I taxied home with Beth and Lorraine. Lorraine straight off to bed, Beth decided it would be a stunningly good idea to phone in for pizza, and she and I stayed up for a couple of hours chatting and eating pizza and drinking an absolute bloody final and having a good heart to heart chat.

Then bedtime, and I did not need rocking to sleep.