A quick Beano

Up early today, and working on the job sent through by pals in Hampton, did this pausing only to phone and email my accountant. Suddenly realised it was 12:40 and that I had to be in Hove in twenty minutes for the Freelancer's Beano.

Grabbed a cab and had a nice afternoon with Beth, Emily, Tim, Innis, Rosie, Tanya, Catherine and Julia in The Better Half. A few drinks and some fairly decent grub. All kinds of chat on everything from intersectionality to whale milk. Beth on funny form. A very hospitable barman/waiter who sat down at our table to take orders and chatted lots, with little freelance business being discussed, as it should be in a Beano. Beth and I went with Innis and Rosie back to their home, and Lorraine came from school, where there were Nativities today, and drove me home, which was great as the rain had started.