Beggaring belief

A cold, rainy general election day. Vile cold improving. Now frustrated by wanting to get on with things, but having no energy and unable to concentrate.

Mes amis in France paid me twice for the same job, and I had to sign a bank form to reclaim the money, and I ventured out into the torrent to post it. When Lorraine back early from School, she drove Beth and I off to the polling station, and we all voted in what was a hight turnout. Voting for Caroline Lucas a bit of a no-brainer in Brighton as she is the candidate guaranteed to beat the Tory, but also.... It's the climate stupid.

Lorraine had a Christmas Tree from Bolney with her, and after we got home we inserted this into the stand, but the lights from last year refused to work, or worked momentarily then went out. All a bit mysterious and Beth mentioned Stranger Things where Christmas style lights are linked to a sinister underworld called The Upside Down.

Stayed up till ten, the exit poll predicted a massive Tory victory. I was expecting this, so was not as shocked as some were in my social media bubble.

As an advertising person I can see that the simple repetition of Get Brexit Done, was appealing to an electorate sick to the back teeth of the whole business. Labour's messaging was full of muddle and fence sitting -- i.e. everything the general Brexity public had loathed about politicians in the last three years. While being an unrepentant Remainer, I have some sympathy with people who wanted Brexit, winning the referendum and then having their will thwarted. It is anti-democratic, notwithstanding the fact that everything they were persuaded by was an outright lie.

It will be the end of Corbyn, who while a nice enough chap, was like the worst centre forward you've ever seen, missing sitters and open goals and allowing Tory mischief to go unpunished. Not having a killer instinct is okay, but not when faced with a dragon.

To bed with a heavy heart, and into a future full of Tory triumphalism, nationalism and endless lies -- a place where the most disenfranchised people are the ones who have been duped into voting to be trampled on even harder. It beggars belief.