Mum's birthday

Up early after bringing my armless wifey a cup of tea and a bowl of porridge in bed, and off to Edgware to see Mum on her birthday secure in the knowledge that Beth would take care of her. Quite enjoyed the journey sitting in faux first to St Pancras. It gave me a chance to scribble down some schemes for the new year.

The train pushed through the odd misty bit, but it was a warm and sunny day. What strange times we live in that a warm Winter's day makes me feel anxiety about global warming.

Still reached Mum and Mas at 1pm, having walked from Mill Hill. Good to do this after Jabba the Hutting about the place in recent days. After cups of tea and Mum opening bee themed cards and wee pressies from Pat and Maureen and Lorraine. And the special makeup we bought in Debenhams the other day. Turns out this is a secret weapon of makeup, to be painted into facial lines to bounce light and reduce the signs of lines. Mum said she gave a masterclass in makeup for the more mature lady the other day to one of her pals. By whatever dark arts she achieves it,  Mum does not look 79 at all.

We slipped off to the Waggon and Horses for a bite to eat  in Mum's car. The radiator is broken, so it was a race against time with the car heaters pumping to get to W&H before the vehicle exploded.

Reprived, we had a pleasant time sitting by the fire in the old pub. I had a nice chicken burger, and salad and fries, and Mum and Mas had all-day breakfasts. Chatting to Mum as Mas wandered off to chat with random drinkers. The fire kept teetering on the edge of going out and Mum was itching to get it going properly.

After a couple of drinks, and Mum with two sausages for the cats in her handbag, she drove us home safely. I paused there for a bit, before walking back to Mill Hill station, Mum coming with me for part of the stroll to get some exercise before hurrying back to watch The Love Boat, repeats of which have become their new TV craze.

Home fairly uneventfully. I walked back from Brighton station, and found Sam and Jade had arrived. Lovely to see them both. Lots to chat about, and both looking well. Sam a lot more cheerful than I have seen him of late. Toby called too, he and Romy, Dick and Joan having returned to Toronto. Martinique sounds amazing.

Below Mum and Mas outside the Waggon and Horses, one of their favourite haunts.