Another gold sofa day, but a little better. Greatly boosted by a text this morning from Lorraine saying one of the kids at school is reading Magnificent Grace and apparently can't put it down and is already on Chapter 10.

Spoke to Mum and things are a bit more settled at home.  I loafed about and was grateful not to be able to recover without having to schlepp to London or attempt to meet some hideous deadline, but still managing to feel a bit galled at this waste of time. Watching a Netflix series called Colony which isn't too bad.  Beth out tonight, and very happy to be with Lorraine at home on the sofa watching Masterchef and going to bed early. Lorraine working at reaching the end of term before she reaches the end of her tether, bless her. Only a week to go.

A rainbow glimpsed from my office this morning.